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International Food Supplier

International Food Supplier

“Formkraft have been providing label solutions for us since 2007. They have always assisted in developing new products to meet our ever-changing requirements.

In our industry the continuity of supply is paramount to ensure the smooth running of this time critical business. Formkraft’s Make and Hold facility gives us peace of mind that our labels are always available and stock levels are constantly monitored.

I would recommend Formkraft to any business as they provide an efficient and reliable service along with quality products, which mirrors our own commitment to customer satisfaction.”

Manager, International Food Supplier

The challenge...

This Derbyshire-based food importer offers a range of services including processing, cold storage, blast freezing and thawing in controlled temperatures. The company needs to fulfil strict legislative requirements set by EFSIS, meaning that EC labels must be displayed on every box that leaves its plant. Continuity of label supply is paramount to ensure that products leave the premises punctually in this time-critical business.

Limited on-site storage space and the need for labels to match the specific technical requirements of its printers have been two key procurement considerations for this client. The company is also committed to innovation as a way of differentiating itself when being audited by regulatory bodies, and the arena of procurement presented us with a golden opportunity to help them achieve this.

Our solution...

We’ve worked closely with this niche client to deliver the products and solutions that the efficiency of its operations depends on. Over the years, a mixture of resources, expertise and service innovation has made us a valuable asset to the business.

  • Our “Just In Time” Service reduces our clients’ in-process inventory and the associated costs of holding customised products, leading to dramatic improvements in return on investment, quality and long-term efficiency.
  • Just In Time also means that any labels are always available, and we’re able to manage the company’s stock in order to reduce the need for storage at its own facilities.
  • Our internal tracking service continually follows work in progress from the point of order through to completion. We can also send out proofs and samples to clients in order to ensure that any technical specifications are met perfectly first time.
  • With access to competitive prices and more flexible solutions, we’re saving our customer time and money by acting as a nominated procurement partner working on behalf of all internal branches, departments and purchasing officers.
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