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National Accessory And Gift Retailers

National Accessory And Gift Retailers

This national brand retails a wide range of gift-ware including, jewellery and women’s accessories, home-ware and soft furnishings, children’s toys and other gift ideas. Ethical trading is at the heart of the company and all products are sourced with this in mind. These strong ethical credentials extend to donations to charitable and social projects worldwide.

The challenge...

Unhappy with the quality of products and customer service offered by their existing supplier, this leading chain needed to find an alternative carrier bag supplier whose high standards would match their own. Crucially, they needed a supplier with the expertise and resources to find the right product at the right price, but also one who could provide products that satisfied the businesses’ strong ethical values.

Our solution...

We’ve worked very closely with this brand throughout the company’s growth, using our flexible approach to tailor solutions to the changing needs of their business as well as helping develop their product range. We now supply high-quality environmentally friendly bags that help fulfil the following key requirements:

  • The bags are customised to help raise the visibility of the brand.
  • Environmentally friendly materials help satisfy the commitment to ethical commercial practice and low-impact products.
  • We’ve managed to supply bags with a higher specification than our predecessor but at a lower price, helping safeguard the businesses margins and maximise their profitability.

Ultimately, we’ve used our experience and sourcing know-how to act as a nominated procurement partner, supplying them with exactly the products they need and saving them both time and money in the process. We’re also supporting the business as it grows, providing crucial advice in our areas of expertise and making sure the companies changing procurement needs are always taken care of quickly, smoothly and appropriately.

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