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UK-Wide Catering Group

UK-Wide Catering Group
Approximately 170 branches
UK-wide, Head Office in Sheffield

“We have worked with Formkraft over 20 years and have always received excellent products and service from them. They continue to try and find solutions and more effective methods for us and are a pleasure to work with.”

Owner, UK-wide Catering Group

The challenge...

This long established catering business provides catering services in high-profile locations and stores including House of Fraser and TJ Hughes, and its has four separate brands that include cafe’s and restaurant outlets.

Stock management, service and supply continuity, and reliable deliveries are each as vital as high quality products and brand consistency, while closely controlled stock management is needed to help optimise storage space and guarantee a ready supply of essential consumables. Meanwhile, detailed reporting is essential for expenditure control and maximum profitability, and while individual branches do enjoy some level of autonomy, ultimate control must lie with Head Office. Lastly, deliveries must be carefully timed to fit around particularly busy and pressured periods like lunchtimes.

Our solution...

Vision and flexibility has allowed us to adapt and develop our solutions so to meet this quickly evolving business. In turn, this has led to a long-term partnership with the group and all four brands.

  • Stock management has helped by passing discounts on to the group and buying larger qualities of certain stock, then have that stock delivered as and when it’s needed. Payment on delivery helps keep cash flow healthy.
  • Monthly stock movement statements are tailored to the business and allow its staff to monitor stock usage for improved efficiency in the future.
  • We track our customised products at every stage of their development, working closely with our commercial partners to ensure our customers enjoy a continuous supply of consistently great products that exactly meet their brief.
  • Our ability to track third-party carriers means we’re able to ensure deliveries always arrive at times that suit our customer.
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