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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important that you work with a team who take their time to understand your business and provide tailored solutions meeting your exact requirements?

At Formkraft we’ve been busy helping businesses to succeed for long enough to know there’s a lot more to our role than simply providing the best products at the right price – that goes without saying. Instead, we go further to give customers the tailored solutions and comprehensive, integrated services they need to run smoothly and profitably, whatever stage of business growth they’re at.

From new start-ups and thriving SMEs right through to high-street names recognised worldwide, we’re the team that businesses know they can trust to work harder and smarter on their behalf. Whether we’re supplying ten thousand till rolls, sourcing an unusual product or creating an entire supply chain solution for nationwide group of retail outlets – our unique mix of expertise and energy always gets the job done brilliantly.

Best of all, our ability to look at the bigger picture and spot ways to integrate and rationalise services means we can help customers achieve new levels of efficiency. The flexibility of our services, and the fact that our sourcing capability and product range is limitless, means there’s virtually no procurement challenge we can’t address. Believe us; if an opportunity to save a customer time, money or effort exists, we’ll identify it, explore it, and then help that customer to reap the rewards.

How would you like to work with a supplier who appreciates the importance of brand unification?

An established brand is an important business asset and our customers’ brands are no exception. To meet the challenges of brand differentiation and consistency in appearance across hundreds of items, our in-house capabilities include a wide range of expertly managed design and customisation services. Whether you want bespoke printed products, or tailored items to specific size, shape, pantone colour and material or to meet legislative requirements; we have the knowledge and expertise to solve any branded procurement challenge.

Our customisation service:

  • Bespoke products tailored to customer specific requirements
  • Specify size, shape, colour, material, adhesive or finish
  • Legislative requirements. i.e. Food Hygiene, Health & safety
  • Brand unification and consistency
  • Artwork proofing
  • Quality Assurance

Would you benefit from tailored store opening packs designed around your specific needs for everything you need to launch smoothly, on time and with real impact?

Our carefully tailored store opening packs are built around the specific needs of the customer and include everything that business needs to launch smoothly, on time and with real impact. What’s more, we’ll make sure that everything you need arrives clearly marked and logically segregated – just one more way we make life easier when the pressure is on.

Is it important to work with a company that understands the value of having green policies and sector-specific quality assurance processes in place?

At Formkraft we’re acutely aware of our responsibility to the environment, and that’s why we’re always striving to minimise waste, source products ethically and stamp out our carbon footprint.

We’re embracing green thinking through everyday actions like careful recycling and saving energy, and we’re working harder than ever to make ethical and sustainable business an everyday priority in the boardroom.

As a supplier of paper and plastic products, we can also help our customers to boost their own environmental credentials. For example, we’ve spent years building up great relationships with FSC-approved partners worldwide, and that means that we’re often able to offer a wider range of greener products at highly competitive prices.

Do you operate within tight lead times, requiring fast turnaround and reliable next-day delivery to single or multiple delivery points?

Great products are essential, but for any type and size of business, having the right products in the right place at the right time is crucial.

At Formkraft we’re fanatical about accurate distribution and punctual delivery – we take our responsibilities to manage your logistics very seriously – we’re quite clear it should be one less thing for you to worry about.

Whether you require single or multi-point delivery, we carefully select courier partners that match our attention to detail – they are an extension of the Formkraft family. We offer order tracking and will adhere to delivery protocols no matter how strict the requirements. Delivery is often the forgotten touch point in many businesses; for us, we start here and work backwards.