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Paper Rolls

paper-rolls-sectorSince 1992 Formkraft have been at the very forefront of sourcing and specifying paper rolls for every conceivable application.

As with all the products we supply, we’re able to provide a choice of off-the-peg standard paper rolls or customised rolls specially created to match a customer’s own specification in terms of details like branding, size and weight. Here is just a taster of the till and PDQ rolls we can supply:

  • Plain paper in regular, grade A and thermal variations.
  • Single colour right through to multi-colour photographic quality.
  • Single or multi-ply paper - 2 and 3 ply being popular for kitchen printers.
  • FSC rolls to comply with environmental requirements.
  • Bespoke printed rolls, utilise our in-house designers to create your own message, use it for promotional activity or to drive website traffic.
  • PDQ machine rolls.
  • ATM and Fax paper rolls.

We can also make and hold your bespoke printed till rolls to ensure you have a continuous supply and the option to deliver to multiple branches the very next day. Need to know more about our Just-In-Time services?

Till, Epos & Kitchen Rolls

paper-rolls-sector Our till and Epos rolls are available as standard or customised products and meet all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards for compatibility you can count on.

  • Plain paper in regular, grade A and thermal variations
  • Single colour right through to multi-colour photographic quality
  • Single or multi-ply paper
  • FSC rolls to comply with environmental requirements
  • Many different colours available
  • 2-ply and 3-ply paper rolls are perfect for busy kitchens to operate smoothly

If you are not sure what size and style paper roll you need, talk to our experts, who can advise you on the best solution for your business. Plus, we can source any replacement ribbons or accessories you need to go with your till rolls.

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Credit Card / PDQ Rolls

paper-rolls-sector Also known as PDQ, Chip & Pin or EFTPOS rolls, we’re able to supply standard credit card rolls as well as rolls that are branded or customised to meet the exact requirements.

  • Coreless rolls available for increased roll length
  • All relevant paper types, including thermal
  • Print with your logo, branding and core promotional message for extra impact

We work with thousands of companies who rely on having both standard and printed PDQ rolls on a continuous supply basis.

Our in-house design team can help create a bespoke design for your PDQ rolls that perfectly suits your brand, and a sample can be created to ensure 100% satisfaction with the finished product.

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Bespoke Printed Rolls

paper-rolls-sector For customers with unique or highly specific needs, our design and customisation service gives us the ability to supply branded paper rolls or rolls created to meet any brief. You can use a simple paper roll to promote your brand, special offer or to direct customers to your website. Many of our retail and hospitality clients utilise our in-house design team to visualise their branding on till and PDQ rolls.

  • Rolls to match any size and weight specifications as well as specific industry requirements
  • Wide selection of paper types
  • Products available in small and large batches
  • Print your unique logo, branding and core messages on your roll
  • Popular printing options include a QR Code to direct your customers to a special online promotion or offer

Whatever type of business you run we can supply the perfect bespoke paper rolls, as well as the accessories and ribbons you need for your machine.

If you are worried about running out of your favourite bespoke printed rolls, talk to our team about our warehousing capabilities and next day delivery options. Need to know more about our Next Day Delivery?

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Ribbons and Ink Cartridges

paper-rolls-sector We source and supply a wide range of till printer accessories, including ribbons and replacement cartridges. All you need to do is let us know what make and model printer you have, and we will be able to advise you on the most cost effective replacement ribbons and rolls to keep your business running smoothly

  • Available with next day delivery on a continuous supply basis
  • All types of available for any ePos, kitchen and till system
  • Two colour printer ribbons available, compatible with all major printer brands

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ATM & Fax Rolls

paper-rolls-sector We’re able to supply ATM rolls for machines from every major ATM manufacturer, including Diebold, NCR, Winco, Siemens and Fujitsu. What’s more, our products are consistent and reliable, which means you can order them with total confidence that they’ll always perform smoothly and accurately.

  • Consistent lengths give the same number of transactions per roll
  • Accurate OCR markings for dependable performance
  • Available in weights of 55 gsm, 60 gsm and 70 gsm
  • High quality 6-colour flexo printing adds value to your brand

Our paper rolls for fax machines cover every make and model and are available in batch sizes to suit every type and size of business.

  • Available in 210mmx or 216mmx

If you can't find what your looking for - complete the quick enquiry box in the right corner of this page, and one of our experts will be in touch.

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Adding Machine and Telex Rolls

paper-rolls-sector Our huge range of single and multi-ply rolls means we’ve got the right product for virtually every type of machine, while single colour and multi-colour variations cover any application.

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