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paper-rolls-sectorAs part of our commitment to providing tailored solutions that exactly match customers’ requirements, we supply a huge range of standard packaging products as well as customised items to help you achieve true brand consistency. Thanks to our in-house and partner resources, we’ve got the capability to supply competitive packaging products in virtually any combination of size and print requirements including 4-colour variations for added visual impact.


paper-rolls-sector Our in-house expertise means we’re able to specialise in supplying polythene, paper or even eco-friendly bags.

  • We use a range of printing methods to produce the highest quality products
  • Any customer requirement can be met in terms of material, weight, size, bag and handle styles
  • Our range embraces off-the-shelf products or customised items reflecting the customer’s brand or created to a specific size or specification
  • Products are available in a variety of finishes including matt or gloss laminate
  • We’ve got the flexibility and resources to fulfill orders of any size
  • Our eco-friendly bags are made from materials that are able to decompose under specified conditions of light, moisture, and oxygen. Increasingly, companies are beginning to use different types of eco-friendly bags to comply with perceived environmental benefits

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Protective Packaging

paper-rolls-sector We can supply a wide range of protective packaging solutions to safeguard your products during transit or storage. What’s more, every product offers great cost efficiency and is available at short notice or for quick turnaround.

  • Our products include bubble wrap, shrink wrap, adhesive tape, foam, filling, corner and edge protection
  • Options include all sizes and styles or certified eco-friendly materials

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Food Packaging

paper-rolls-sector We’ve been solving packaging issues within the catering and hospitality sectors for over 20 years, and it shows in the success of our solutions.

  • Extensive knowledge of supplying cost-effective high-quality packaging solutions
  • Our product range embraces sandwich and cake boxes right through to paper cups, food containers, papers and wraps and food service bags

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Cardboard Boxes

paper-rolls-sector With a huge selection of wholesale boxes, we’ve got a packaging solution to suit any business and every application.

  • Our range of cardboard boxes includes single and double-wall boxes right through to pallets and pallet boxes, postal boxes and bottle boxes
  • We can meet all size and thickness requirements
  • Options include branded or printed with health and safety information

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paper-rolls-sector We’ve helped our customers reduce their postal costs by supplying cost-effective packaging solutions that meet their unique requirements. Our wide range of postal packaging includes:

  • Mailing sacks
  • Jiffy Bags
  • Bespoke postage boxes
  • Bubble envelopes
  • Office envelopes
  • Postal tubes
  • Document wallets

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