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For almost 20 years we’ve played an integral part in the day-to-day operations of a huge range of commercial customers. Today, the scope of our services reflects our ability to respond to the needs of those businesses by offering the tailored solutions that keep them operating smoothly and profitably.

What’s more, our flexible approach and unrivalled resources means we’re more than a match for any challenge a particular customer might throw our way. If there’s a service or solution we don’t yet offer but which a customer asks for, we’ll make it happen, and fast.

And we’ll go one step further, too. That’s because we actively look for ways to help our customers operate more successfully without being asked to, spotting opportunities to improve, broaden or tailor our services before a customer even realised there was potential for change. We’ll keep you ahead of the game by being ahead of it ourselves.


With storage space, cash flow and manpower availability often stretched to their limits, more and more forward-thinking businesses are recognising the benefits of just-in-time supply solutions.

At Formkraft we’ve perfected the art – and science – of just-in-time logistics and effective stock holding. Today, we use detailed analytics to create highly customised solutions that put exactly the right quantity of products precisely where you need them at just the right time.

The benefits are simple; optimal use of your business’s physical resources, leaner supply chains, more streamlined operations and, ultimately, better commercial performance.

Our customers have seen both financial and time saving benefits of our just-in-time service, including:

  • Our Stock Management service means stock levels can be pre-agreed according to a customer’s preferences, manufacturing or supply lead times and forecast order patterns
  • Just-in-Time Stock Management service enables customers to buy products more cost effectively by ordering up to six months stock. Stock is then available to meet customer’s specific delivery requirements. Customers only pay when they receive the stock.

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Store Opening Packs

Store openings are major commercial projects that come with tight schedules and a million and one jobs to get done. We understand just how important it is to create a first and lasting impression on customers, and we’ve built up a wealth of experience in managing and coordinating store openings and launches.

Our carefully tailored store opening packs are built around the specific needs of the customer and include everything that business needs to launch smoothly, on time and with real impact. What’s more, we’ll make sure that everything you need arrives clearly marked and logically segregated – just one more way we make life easier when the pressure is on.

As well as all the day-to-day operational consumables the customer needs to hit the ground running once launch day has passed, we’ll even source and supply unusual, rare or difficult-to-find items for in-store displays and window dressing with wow factor.

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Online Ordering

Supplying the perfect product is crucial, but the way we make those products available to you is every bit as important when it comes to making life easier and avoiding the risk of stock level problems.

At Formkraft we don’t just move with the times, we’re ahead of them. Our online ordering system combines secure, state-of-the-art software with high levels of customisation to help make your product selection and ordering process as smooth, relevant and automated as possible.

In short, we’ll give you a tailored, reliable, intelligent ordering system that understands the way you work as an individual, as well as the products and supply systems your business needs to function. All at the click of a button.

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Customisation and Bespoke Print

An established brand is an important business asset and our customers’ brands are no exception. To meet the challenges of brand differentiation and consistency in appearance across hundreds of items, our in-house capabilities include a wide range of expertly managed design and customisation services. Whether you want bespoke printed products, or tailored items to specific size, shape, pantone colour and material or to meet legislative requirements; we have the knowledge and expertise to solve any branded procurement challenge.

Our customisation service - Bespoke products tailored to customer specific requirements - Specify size, shape, colour, material, adhesive or finish - Legalislative requirements – i.e. Food Hygiene, Health & safety - Brand unification and consistency - Artwork proofing - Quality Assurance

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Great products are essential, but for any type and size of business, having the right products in the right place at the right time is crucial.

At Formkraft we’re fanatical about accurate distribution and punctual delivery – we take our responsibilities to manage your logistics very seriously – we’re quite clear it should be one less thing for you to worry about.

Whether you require single or multi-point delivery, we carefully select courier partners that match our attention to detail – they are an extension of the Formkraft family. We offer order tracking and will adhere to delivery protocols no matter how strict the requirements. Delivery is often the forgotten touch point in many businesses; for us, we start here and work backwards.

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