Merchandise to get you noticed

Our two decades of expertise, working with some of the most renowned brands in the UK, means we know a thing or two about merchandise. We also know what it takes to make it impossible for people to ignore your brand. From pens and bags, to executive gifts and tech products, we promise the ultimate in merchandising quality.

One single solution

Whether you’re looking for a new corporate collection, high-volume freebies or merchandise for events, we’ll thoughtfully design a range to reflect your distinct brand, timescales and budget.

In such a crowded market, we understand the need for a completely unique product. So that’s just what we deliver - innovative solutions to make your brand stand out.

With our unique mix of proven products, there is no merchandise challenge we cannot successfully resolve. Combining our extensive range of quality-assured suppliers, with our in-house expertise and robust processes, we deliver the exact solutions our customers need.

We start by really getting to know your business. We then help you to choose the perfect products and ideas that will create a lasting impression; increasing brand awareness and maximising profitability.

We strive to help you manage and streamline all your purchasing, saving you precious time and money. That’s why we developed Formkraft’s custom-built online portal, enabling you to create personalised online stores, customised for your every need.

Even better, our approach is always individually tailored to your brand and requirements.