Sustainable Supply

To continue to meet our increasing responsibility to protect the environment, Formkraft want to achieve greater sustainability and transparency throughout our supply chains.

As part of this aim, we are also committed to developing our UK supply chain, working with local partners to develop sustainable products, that are produced in environments that reduce the impact on our planet.

To support us to improve sustainability and transparency throughout our supply chain we have committed to working with globally recognised Ecovadis sustainable rating system.


Ecovadis is an assessment process, covering four themes, Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Supply.

Formkraft will be assessed and scored against the four themes, to benchmark and improve sustainable performance. Each rating will be based upon Formkraft teams demonstrating evidence that activity is embedded into our organisation.

The Ecovadis rating system enables Formkraft to continuously improve their sustainability performance, demonstrating to our customers our commitment to protecting the environment.

We will use this space continue to update you regarding our progress.

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